Monday, June 4, 2012

They're Coming

They're Coming

Yesterday I headed over to Disneyland. I knew this would be my last trip until late August and Early September. So I knew I had to make it a worthwhile trip photography wise. So as we were walking over to find a place to eat and to ride Indiana Jones, Pirates, and the Haunted Mansion we were walking right by Rivers America right next to Big Thunder Mountain and I looked to my right and I saw the Columbia in utter darkness making it's way to the main area of Rivers of America. It hit me then that it was right before the canon exploded during Fantasmic. It was a very surreal thing to be walking side by side a dark ship right before they're about to perform their segment for Fantasmic.

I then quickly turned on my camera and started snapping away photos. I found a perfect little spot to the very right of the Mark Twain loading area. That is where I snapped this picture from. It was an absolute rush. As a kid this was my favorite part of Fantasmic and one of my favorite Disney films hands down. It was also a rush just seeing the ship make it's way over and knowing that the loud canon being set off is making it's way over as well.

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Friday, June 1, 2012

NEST, Through The Mist

NEST Logo, Through The Mist

Last Sunday I headed over to Universal Studios to ride the news Transformers: The Ride 3D. I have to say that it was worth the 3 hour wait BUT our first ride was stopped halfway through. I believe it was because they just had too many people and they were rushing everybody on the ride and it was too much to handle. I plan on going back on Monday when it's less crowded and a non holiday weekend and riding it multiple times to really pick everything up. All in all it was a solid ride. Defiantly the best thing Universal has added since probably Jurassic Park.

As for the queue it is a fun thing to walk through. This shot was taken outside where they send you when it's super busy.  This shot was taken as the sun was beaming right through crack between the overhang and the wall that displays the NEST logo (which is my favorite logo right now. It's beautiful.) and it just felt very Spielberg like. Spielberg was the executive producer on this so I felt it fit.

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Thursday, May 31, 2012

A Pirate and His Gold-HDR

A Pirate and His Gold-HDR I headed out to Disneyland this past week and was determined to get a good shot on Pirates of the Caribbean. Since it's incredibly low light I relied on my 85mm f1.8. I had the ISO at about 1250 and snapped away. I snapped this shot just as our boat passed the pirate and his gold. I knew this was the one shot I would attempt to HDR. The colors here are amazing and thought HDR could do it justice. Haven't done an HDR lately and haven't really experimented with it as much as I would like. So here is another go at it. Camera: Canon 60D Lens: 85mm f1.8 ISO: 1250


Stuck In Customs HDR Video Tutorial