Sunday, December 7, 2008

The Disneyland Project

After visiting the self proclaimed "Happiest Place On Earth" I realized that I simply can't have every image I want after one visit. Nor can I have every image I want after 2 or 3 visits. Its an on going project. That is where the Disneyland Project was born.

I was raised on many things Disney. It is a part of childhood and it still is apart of me today. I love Disneyland and most things dealing with Disneyland and the Walt Disney Company. The Disneyland Project is something I have wanted to start for a while. Every visit I make will consist of me taking my DSLR. I wan't to capture as many images of Disneyland as possible. As Disneyland changes so will my Photography.

Part of the reason for this project is because I will always be looking to buy new gear. With that new gear comes a different way of seeing things. It really makes you think about the small details that lie within the entire park. Friday was my experimentation phase. I already have TONS of ideas of what I would do differently and how different lenses will give me what I want. So please without further ado Here are a few images from my first set in my Disneyland Project. Enjoy.

Haunted Mansion

The World Of Tomorrow

Jack O Lanterns

Also I will be blogging multiple post's on my experience of shooting at Disneyland and the do's and don'ts and what I will do differently. Lastly, I still have many more pictures to go through so more is coming. Good Day.

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